Returning to Society and Finding Purpose

With a Meaningful Career


Reducing recidivism is an important priority for those who work within the corrections system; however, it is not the only priority. Individuals who have been incarcerated at some point in their life often face significant barriers to employment post release.


These barriers present challenges that greatly contribute to the rate of recidivism. Quite often, ex-offenders lack a certain level of education or skills required to gain and maintain employment. Engaging individuals in training opportunities and secure job search activity prior to release has resulted in significant positive outcomes in their transition back to society and the workforce.

Giving individuals access to tools to help find a purpose and to focus their attention on being productive, wage-earning individuals can be a critical stabilizing factor that breaks the cyclical nature of recidivism.

Overcoming Barriers to Employment and Creating Opportunity

Maintaining Employment

And Reducing Recidivism


Focusing on bridging the skills gap requires an individual to commit to additional hands-on training and to the development of soft skills, which includes person-to-person communication, punctuality, and common workplace etiquette. Additional training for both hard and soft skills prior to release can level the playing field significantly and increase the chance for job placement.


Providing individuals previously incarcerated with the hard and soft skills training they need to succeed only goes so far. Our Virtual OneStop Reentry Employment Opportunities (VOS REO) system takes it one step further to engage in partnerships with employers who are willing to invest in the training and hiring of individuals with criminal records by highlighting opportunities offered by those specific employers.



    • Secure, User-Friendly Interface

    • Simplified Job Searches

    • Skills and Interest Assessments

    • Résumé and Letter Builder

    • Labor Market Trends

    • Education and Training Resources

    • Participant Tracking and Reporting

Trust the Leader in Workforce Development

With Post-Parole Employment Assistance


We have been providing labor exchange software for job seekers and employers for over 25 years. No other vendor in the industry can offer a solution that has helped more people find employment. Our Virtual OneStop REO (VOS REO) solution offers individuals a secure tool to connect with employers and prepare them for their new life after release. Corrections staff can also utilize the system to track participants and report on outcomes to assist in successful placements of individuals who were previously incarcerated.