Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Helping Individuals Achieve Self-Sufficiency

Through Employment and Training Services


The Welfare Transition Program (WTP) is a federally-funded program that focuses on employment and independence to lessen a participant’s reliance on benefits. The WTP Module provides full case management for the employment and training requirements of TANF.  Staff have the ability to manage participants throughout the program, as well as track and report on the services they receive.

Enabling Participants to Move from Welfare to Economic Independence

Emphasizing Work and Personal Responsibility

With Support Services and Employment Preparation


The WTP Module helps staff guide participants through the program process, providing seamless integration between individuals, employers, and partner agencies. The module includes strictly-enforced business rules necessary to data integrity, ensuring that all state and federal reporting output is accurate and reliable.  Since program details are maintained in the system, staff and program participants have access to all standard reemployment tools and services.


  • Participant Enrollment

    The WTP Module provides customized interfaces to import and display data from partner agencies, such as eligibility information received from the TANF agency. Staff can use this information to confirm an individual’s application and enroll them in the program.
  • Program Application

    The WTP application features a user-friendly wizard and displays form segments in a progress bar, representing the six steps required. Each step is a separate page that collects required data needed for reporting on program services.
  • Individual Employment Plan

    The Individual Employment Plan record is used to list an individual’s goals, objectives, and services provided in relation to employment programs. Participants must continue to take part in activities specified by their plan to continue to receive benefits.
  • Work Readiness Assessment

    Staff complete this assessment, in conjunction with the Individual Employment Plan, to identify services needs and barriers to employment. This information is then used to define a plan for each individual while they are enrolled in the program.
  • Attendance Tracking

    Once services have been rendered to assist an individual with overcoming any barriers to employment, staff can place a participant in an appropriate countable work activity and record participation hours and case notes.
  • Activities and Services Enrollment

    Once an individual has been approved for participation in WTP, staff will assign them to activities and services using a standard wizard that documents all information required for local, state, and federal reporting purposes.
  • Sanctions

    If an individual falls out of compliance with program requirements, staff can request a sanction using a form that communicates the details to the TANF agency. From here, an investigation takes place and a disposition is made on the case.
  • Case Closure and Outcome

    The TANF agency notifies of case closures by populating and confirming the data through the electronic file interface. Staff can then use the WTP Module to continue to provide post-TANF services through follow-up enrollment activities.

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