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The Benefits Of The Alison Career Guide

By the Alison Editorial Team

When it comes to helping career seekers on the path to finding fulfilling and gainful employment, it can be challenging to map out exactly how upskilling in specific areas will result in a career. Job seekers often struggle to stay motivated if they can't see how a course in, say, supply chains, will translate into a warehouse manager job. Central to a workforce agency's role in upskilling individuals is helping them map out a practical journey towards their desired career.

Alison's Career Guide is a dynamic and multifaceted tool that does exactly that. The guide allows workforce agencies to help job seekers chart their journey towards successfully qualifying for, and attaining, their career of choice. A one-stop resource, it lays out hundreds of career paths along with the skills and qualifications required to achieve them.

The Career Guide helps take the guesswork out of upskilling by providing clear instructions on how to pursue a particular job. The Projected Career Map feature is as helpful for agencies as it is for job-seekers because it allows them to show their clients that there is a roadmap to success that they can follow. The Guide also provides a curated list of courses that will help them upskill appropriately. This offers goal-orientated learning for job-seekers and encourages engagement and commitment. 

The holistic nature of the Career Guide, offering career information as well as training and education, is a game-changer in the world of online education as it provides job-seekers with a complete roadmap to achieving their professional ambitions.

The Career Guide can be used by workforce agencies in multiple ways, depending on their clients. For job seekers who know what career they want, but don't know how to get it, the guide offers everything they need to know about their chosen career. From courses related to their chosen career to courses teaching required skills, from Recommended Qualifications to suggested work experience, job seekers will find a trove of information that will help advance their prospects.

For job seekers who are unsure of what career they'd like to pursue, or even what sector they'd like to work in, the Career Guide can function as an open-ended encyclopedia with which they can explore a wide range of diverse career opportunities. Before upskilling in a specific field, a job-seeker needs to know what type of job they're pursuing. While many resources provide plenty of information on specific careers, locating a single resource that provides in-depth information on many career paths can be difficult. 

The Alison Career Guide covers 16 diverse sectors, such as Information Technology and Health Sciences, and each career is outlined through a series of concise subsections. Users can learn about a career's typical job responsibilities, the standard work environment and what kind of salary they can expect. Particularly helpful for undecided job-seekers is the Similar Careers section, which shows users jobs similar to the one they're researching but to which they might be better suited.

The Career Guide is an intuitive resource designed to be navigated by both job-seekers and workforce agencies alike. Each career is assigned its appropriate Holland Codes and, like all other Alison tools and resources, can be leveraged as part of Alison Groups, which allows agencies to oversee and monitor the engagement and progress of their clients.

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