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Jobseekers in Alabama will have a new tool at their disposal to assist them in finding suitable jobs, locating training opportunities and identifying skilled candidates. The Alabama Green Jobs Portal launched in May 2011, providing universal access to online services for individuals seeking jobs and employers seeking employees.  All of the services provided are available at no charge to Job seekers and employers. The website for the Alabama Green Jobs Portal is

Alabama Green Jobs Portal is an online career resource aimed to support an environmentally-sustainable workforce. The portal will feature Labor Exchange for Job Seekers, Career and Education Services, Labor Market Information, Job Aggregation, and Green Job identification.

The site will identify green jobs, their requirements and other occupational characteristics at the state, regional and local levels. This baseline measure – along with an estimate of the impact of green technology and other green investments on job creation - will be used to track job growth and contribute to the development of a regional green workforce development plan.

The Alabama Green Jobs Portal has classified a green job/profession as one that involves work in economic activities related to either of the following: reducing the use of fossil fuels, decreasing pollution and green house gas emissions, increasing efficiency, recycling materials, agricultural and natural resources conservation, education, compliance, public awareness and training, and developing and adopting renewable sources of energy.

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