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Geographic Solutions Launches VOScast Podcast Series

Palm Harbor, FL – January 19, 2024 – Geographic Solutions, in partnership with Workforce180, is excited to announce the launch of VOScast, a 12-episode podcast series that delves into the world of workforce development, unemployment insurance, and creative ways to reach hard-to-serve demographics.

Hosted by Geographic Solutions’ Digital Content Specialist, Evan Brenner, the VOScast series tackles a range of timely workforce-related topics, as well as thought-provoking discussions with industry experts, workforce development professionals, and policymakers. Each episode will explore the latest developments and challenges in the industry, as well as delve into ancillary aspects of workforce development, including innovative software that secures employment for the justice-involved prior to parole and aligning collegiate programs with local hiring needs in order to feed talent pipelines.

"We are excited to launch the VOScast series and provide a platform to discuss the critical issues, trends, and news facing the workforce development industry," said Paul Toomey, President of Geographic Solutions. "Our goal is to hit the airwaves, foster meaningful conversations and share insights that will empower and inspire organizations as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of workforce development."

The podcast series is part of Geographic Solutions’ ongoing commitment to supporting workforce development efforts and providing innovative solutions that support and drive those in the workforce industry. In partnering with Workforce180, an established and well-respected industry professional, the two entities hope to cast a broader listener net in an effort to bring together a community of workforce development professionals to offer a sounding board, share knowledge, best practices, and valuable insights.

The first episode features the Executive Director of WorkSource East Central Georgia, La Tunya Goodwin as a guest. The VOScast is now available on the Geographic Solutions website and on popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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