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Evan Brenner
Evan Brenner

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GSI Labor Market Forecast: April 2022

Geographic Solutions’ data is pointing to another strong month of job growth in April.

Job Creation Jumps as Omicron Fears Subside in February

Employment in the U.S. rose by 678,000 jobs, led by growth in the Leisure and Hospitality sector.

Black History Month: Celebrating Leaders in Computer Science

Every year since 1976, February has been designated as Black History Month. Here are three notable pioneers in computer science history.

Geographic Solutions' Economist Phillip Sprehe Forecasts Job Growth for Southern Georgia

Employment in the region is only a few hundred jobs away from reaching its pre-pandemic high of 79,000 jobs in February 2020.

Business and Household Surveys Continue to Diverge in December

Different performances between surveys as of late may be revealing how the U.S. labor force is shifting during the pandemic recovery.

GSI Labor Market Forecast: December 2021

While the Covid-19 Omicron variant appears to produce milder symptoms, its high rate of transmissibility will have a dampening effect on job creation.

November 2021 Labor Market Report Shows Divergence in Business and Household Surveys

November's labor market report reveals that U.S. employment rose by 210,000 jobs, which marks a slowdown from the 546,000 created in October.

GSI Labor Market Forecast: November 2021

The better-than-expected jobs report in October as well as large upward revisions in August and September are signs of optimism heading into the report release for November Guest Blog: How Apprenticeships Increase Employability's USA Workforce Specialist, Michael O'Reilly, writes about the surprising growth of apprenticeships since 2011 in this guest blog post.

October 2021 GSI Labor Market Forecast.png

While there is still some uncertainty in October's jobs report, encouraging signs such as a decline in the seven-day average of new daily Covid-19 cases should lead to an improved outlook.

The Benefits of the Alison Career Guide

The guide allows workforce agencies to help job seekers chart their journey towards successfully qualifying for, and attaining, their career of choice.

September 2021 Job Growth Hampered by Education

U.S. employment rose by 194,000 jobs in September while the unemployment rate dropped to 4.8%.

GSI Labor Market Forecast: September 2021

In September, we predict job growth of 461,000 jobs.

Workforce Development Month: An Opportunity to Recognize the U.S. Workforce System

The workforce development system is part of critical U.S. infrastructure with roots that trace back to the 19th century.

August 2021 Job Growth Weakened by Covid-19 Delta Variant

August's results are disappointing and appear to be chiefly driven by the spread of the Covid-19 delta variant.

GSI Labor Market Forecast: August 2021

The August jobs report may be dampened by two factors, one of which is the fast-spreading delta variant.

July 2021 Job Growth Accelerates before Covid-19 Variant Takes Hold

While the results are impressive, hurdles lie ahead with the Covid-19 variant leading some states and localities to reinstate some restrictions on activity.

GSI Labor Market Forecast: July 2021

Derived from internal data on the number of job openings, job severances, and the number of applications for unemployment benefits filed on our state clients' sites, we predict job growth in July of 689,000

The ADA at 31: Reaffirming Our Commitment to Supporting High Quality, Inclusive Career Tools

One of the most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act paves the way for accessibility and inclusion.


While strong job growth in March indicated the job market was about to take off, the last two months have had disappointing outcomes.

GSI Labor Market Forecast: May 2021

Job growth in April signaled the U.S. went through a hiccup in the recovery which should eventually return to the job increases of summer 2020.'s Free Workplace Personality Assessments Identify Job-Related Strengths and Weaknesses

Recently launched,'s Workplace Personality Assessment helps job seekers identify work-related strengths and weaknesses.

April 2021 Jobs Report.png
GSI Labor Market Forecast: April 2021

Our April Employment Forecast projects accelerated job growth in the coming months as vaccines are distributed to a greater percentage of the population.

Part 3: Second Chance Month: An Interview With Lifeline Inmate Services' CEO and Founder, Robert Forte

In part 3, Robert Forte speaks about his role as CEO and Founder of Lifeline Inmate Services