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Global Accessibility Awareness Day brings digital accessibility and inclusion to the forefront for developers across the digital landscape.


Leisure & Hospitality employment continues to grow but remains the only sector still below its pre-pandemic employment level. The labor market has been running hot for several months; but it is uncertain when increasing wage gains are going to have a dampening effect on employment.

On the Front Line of Reentry: Raynisha Perry at CareerSource Palm Beach County

Raynisha Perry of CareerSource Palm Beach County speaks about the fulfilling work of helping people change their lives.


We profile Stacey Books, Sr. Director of Growth & Development at Persevere, a national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering justice-involved individuals to succeed through education, mentoring, and ongoing support.


Hear from Melody Norris, Reentry Coordinator at the WY DWS, as she talks about the important work of giving people a second chance.

Street sign showing recidivism is toward a cloudy sky with opportunity toward a blue sky

Employers, individuals, and communities at large benefit from second-chance hiring practices.


In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we celebrate the lifelong work of Frances Perkins, the first female cabinet member in U.S. history.


Geographic Solutions' resident economist offers his forecast for the upcoming February 2022 labor market report.


The January employment figures along with the revisions in December and November portray a labor market that is healthier than thought on first examination.

Geographic Solutions serves as example of extraordinary need to rapidly upscale infrastructure due to massive unemployment from COVID-19.

Cisco's blog speaks to the inevitability of most companies needing to rapidly upscale their infrastructure and provides concrete steps as well as an example of how to do so.


Geographic Solutions' resident economist offers his forecast for the upcoming January 2022 labor market report.

American Apprenticeship: From the Founding Fathers to the Future of Our Country

Apprenticeship programs have a long history in the United States of America and have contribute greatly to its foundation and growth. Current and future apprenticeships will continue to play an important role in our country's health.


A welcome change from the previous two months, the expected job growth acceleration was somewhat higher than forecast by multiple outlets.


Discover a unique feature of that provides a means for career continuity as well as an opportunity for a new path.


The June labor market report will come as a relief to many after earlier lackluster growth, yet the U.S. employment level remains below its February 2020 total. Job creation was most pronounced in Leisure & Hospitality even as restaurants and hotels struggle to fill job openings.

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As many state governments moved to restrict eligibility for unemployment benefits in June, this month's report should provide a first look at the degree to which more generous benefits held back employment.

Capitalize on Available Features as a Means to Improve Efficient Communications With Clients

Learn about available features within VOS Sapphire that will help agency staff members communicate more effectively with job-seeking clients. Blog resize 400X8001.jpg

Discover an easy way to assist job seekers as they strive to effectively reskill or upskill to meet the demands of tomorrow’s transformed workplaces with free online courses from Alison.

Apprenticeship Programs: Creating Wage-Earning Opportunities and Sustainable Careers

Read about the National Apprenticeship Week from the USDOL, Geographic Solutions' apprenticeship program, and the Apprenticeship Module available for case management.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Highlights the Importance of Accessibility and Inclusion in the COVID Age

National Disability Employment Awareness Month brings focus to the proliferation of accessible practices due to the global pandemic.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Unemployment and PUA Claims

Local coalition of software CEOs donates large sum to kids' chairty to help fight systemic poverty and promote career-readiness in young people.

Nebraska Department of Labor works tirelessly to help claimants receive the funds they need amidst record high unemployment claims.

Nebraska Department of Labor works tirelessly to help claimants receive the funds they need amidst record high unemployment claims.