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Over 522,000 Louisiana Residents have Received Unemployment Benefits Since Pandemic Started

Louisiana sees reduction in initial jobless claims although returning to work may bot be possible for everyone.

Guam's Governor Announces Unemployment Programs Open for Applications
Arizona PUA Portal Helps State Pay Half a Billion Dollars in Jobless Benefits, Shrinks Backlog
Louisiana Workforce Commission Takes Care of Residents with Unemployment Claims Totaling Over $1 billion
Nebraska Unemployment's October Upgrade Might Have Saved COVID-19 Collapse

NE Labor Commissioner John Albin talks about unprecedented number of unemployment assistance claims and how new software has allowed NE to receive 100,000 claims.


New Pandemic Unemployment Assistance website handles high traffic and 9,000 claims from self-employed and other workers not typically eligible for unemployment assistance.

Billion Dollar Image.jpg

Geographic Solutions' unemployment software solutions handles a remarkably high number of unemployment claims and sees a record payout of $1.28 billion year-to-date payments.

Geographic Solutions' PUA Software Offers Relief for States Managing Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Geographic Solutions configures Pandemic Unemployment Assistance module to help states manage unprecedented numbers of initial jobless claims.