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Considered a persistent nuisance on job boards across America, scam employers are perpetually masking empty career opportunities to look like good fortune.

At this year's Workforce Technology Conference, we brought together a panel of subject matter experts from our clients in North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida to discuss best practices for vetting employers in Virtual OneStop.

During the chat, the group acknowledged that regardless of an agency's location, there are a few red flags that should be watched for during account validation. They agreed that staff members should be vigilant when an account has been created with no registration information, no address, or an IP that is a considerable distance from the employer's main location. Unusual registration creation times should be also be viewed as suspicious.

For a deeper look at tips, tricks, and insights to prevent scam employers, visit Geographic Solutions' Virtual Community Forum. View the entire PowerPoint presentation from the Employer Scam panel discussion, and search for more input from our client community.

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