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After seven weeks, Randy Knaub said he had just about given up on ever receiving his unemployment check. Then, a little over a week ago he got a phone call.

"They called me on a Sunday," Knaub said. It was an adjudicator from the Nebraska Department of Labor.

The adjudicator walked him through the process and two days later, Knaub received his first check.

"I was really impressed. My hats off to Nebraska," Knaub said.

Since March, Nebraska has brought 131 additional adjudicators, such as Lali Sage. "In two months, we received over three years of unemployment claims," Sage said.

She and many others have been working 12 hour days, seven days a week. 

Since March, 85% of the claims the state has received were paid within 28 days. Sage was not the adjudicator who helped Knaub. She said it does reflect the resolve of all her co-workers. "This is money that is going to help a family maybe pay rent maybe put food on the table," Sage said.

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