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The Pima Works website will let people click their way to a dream job in Tucson once the Virtual One Stop is in place in about a month. The object is to match a jobseeker's skills with ideal job openings and allow the person to apply for the job - all with a single visit to Virtual One Stop.

When the District of Columbia wanted to revolutionize the way they deliver one stop services, they chose Virtual OneStop as the ideal way to do it.

Geographic Solutions, Inc. announced today that the State of South Carolina has selected its Virtual OneStop System to provide employment and training services via the Internet.

With the release of Virtual OneStop Version 4.0 at JETT*CON this year, there is sure to be excitement about the new features that not only monitor performance, but enhance communications with everyone in the system.

Geographic Solutions is proud to announce the new Virtual OneStop Interactive CD-ROM. For the first time, anyone interested in Virtual OneStop can get an overview and a guided tour of the software.

The D.C. Department of Employment Services is proud to be designated as a "Key Resource" in the Labor Market Category by Links2Go, an online company based in Massachusetts which provides online businesses and end users with search and directory services.

The federal JTPA legislation expired June 30, 2000 and WIA was to be fully implemented on July 1, 2000.