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With the release of Virtual OneStop Version 4.0 at JETT*CON this year, there is sure to be excitement about the new features that not only monitor performance, but enhance communications with everyone in the system.

Now, Case Managers can communicate with their clients and employers through a messaging system that eliminates the need to establish email accounts, and appointments can be set for workshops, interviews, etc.

Performance monitoring is also an area that has been enhanced in the new version. The system outputs the quarterly and annual reports that are required under section 13b of WIA as well as monitoring all 17 performance measures.

Virtual OneStop is currently the only system providing, in one interface, both the core and intensive services required by the Workforce Investment Act. Virtual OneStop can be customized to meet the needs of any local workforce development board. At the same time, it will easily integrate with state and national systems, streamlining the reporting process.

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