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When the District of Columbia wanted to revolutionize the way they deliver one stop services, they chose Virtual OneStop as the ideal way to do it. "They were really looking to change the way services were delivered, not just automate the status quo," says Paul Toomey, President of Geographic Solutions.

"In all my years of working in this industry," says Pam Johnson, lead project manager for the DC Networks Virtual OneStop. "I have never seen people this dedicated. We are working ten or twelve hours a day six or seven days per week."

"This is the most advanced one-stop system in the United States," continues Pam. "For the first time anywhere both the job seeker and the staff can access all of the core and intensive services required under WIA. This fully integrated solution works for everyone involved: the job seekers, the employers, the one stop staff and the partners. Further, DC Networks allows sharing of information and will provide all necessary reporting."

"We can't wait to start getting some real world feedback," says Paul. "Geographic Solutions has been selected to develop Virtual OneStop for several other states and we hope to use what we learn in DC to continue to improve the system."

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