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Geographic Solutions announces its entry into the emerging reemployment field. With decades of experience providing successful workforce solutions, Geographic Solutions is taking the next step to integrate Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Information Systems into a system that speeds up the reemployment of the unemployed worker – The Geographic Solutions’ Reemployment Exchange (REX).


REX provides a link between UI and a workforce system that monitors and ensures that claimants are fulfilling their entire work search requirements while providing labor exchange and labor market information that should help the claimant gain employment. This solution focuses on providing the claimant with all of the tools for success in landing a suitable, good-paying job.


Not only does REX offer assistance to the claimant, but it also offers valuable information to employers who are looking to find good, qualified employees who meet their needs. REX does all of this while providing agency staff the ability to track the claimant’s efforts and offer assistance and guidance, when necessary.


REX evaluates claims in real-time – providing claimants, employers, and staff with up-to-the-minute information. Functional areas include: Claimant and employer dashboards, full claimant registration, current job listings, claimant unemployment status information, and weekly search status.


Claimant and employer dashboards functionality: Career search and evaluation, job search and creation, employment plans, claimant and employer access to unemployment and workforce processes, and immediate claims status featuring expanded information to claimants and employers.


Full claimant registration functionality includes; complete UI and workforce registration forms – demographic information, work history, full on-line resume (viewable to employers), email address, and education levels.

Current job listing functionality includes; displays based on claimant’s occupation and location, job consideration radius flexibility, includes both spidered and internal jobs, claimants can apply for jobs, identified source of jobs, and job activation date is also shown.


Claimant and unemployment status information functionality includes; weekly certifications, issue summary, base period employers, payment summary, adjustments, overpayments, payment register, employer charge summary. Weekly search status functionality includes; staff setting thresholds, claimant work search status evaluated against thresholds, notices sent to claimants with low performance, different notices are sent based on claimants performance, and staff can control notice(s) content.


Geographic Solutions, Inc. is a rapidly-growing software development company based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Geographic Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, employment and training. The Company has developed state-of-the-art systems for employment and workforce development agencies for more than 30 states. Our software is now available to over 75% of the job seekers and employers in the country. For more information, visit www.geographicsolutions.comor call 727-786-7955.

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