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A new "Virtual One-Stop" website debuts Monday, Aug. 30th to make it faster and easier for people looking for work in South Carolina to find a job. The new site will be accessible 24 hours a day from any computer or Smartphone and all services are completely free to job seekers and employers.

The website,, will mirror the state Department of Employment and Workforce's 38 offices around the state. But the new web site means jobseekers will be able to search all the other job search engines in one place, instead of having to go to multiple sites and entering their resume or information over and over. The new site will be multi-purpose in that it provides universal access to online services for individuals seeking jobs and employers seeking employees.

"We just feel that the Virtual One-Stop is more user-friendly, so people will be more likely to use it from home, from the library, through a BlackBerry," says Courtney Nowak, of the SCDEW's Workforce Development Program.

There's also a feature called Virtual Recruiter, which lets you save specific job searches and then have the computer automatically run them again for updates every day or every week. The system will also go out into the Internet; look for jobs that meet a job seeker’s needs and deliver them via internal email message, personal email, or text message. The Virtual One-Stop also has tools for employers, to make it easier for them to find the people they need to fill open positions. The Virtual Recruiter will work for them, too, by constantly checking for new resumes posted on the site that meet the requirements of the job.

Built using Version 10.05 of Geographic Solutions’ Virtual OneStop® software, the system will provide users with a wide array of employment-related services. Job seekers will be able to search for available jobs using a search engine that aggregates jobs from government websites, newspaper postings, and corporate job boards. Job searches can be conducted by zip code, city, county, metropolitan or workforce area, or on a statewide basis. Job seekers can search for training opportunities and employers can search for recent training graduates. Employers can also search for talent and rank the candidates.

Staff will experience the most cutting-edge job matching and referral system. All services provided to employers or job seekers, whether self-service or staff-assisted, will be accounted for and used to improve agency performance and regional economic growth initiatives.  Case Managers can also enter and track individuals’ financial aid, budgeting, employment plans, training attendance and WIA case management.

Virtual OneStop® will provide Labor Market Information and skill requirements for the job listed. Job seekers can develop resumes and cover letters and then submit them directly to the employer online. Job seekers will now be able to search for 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act initiatives such as Green Jobs, Veteran-Preferred jobs, Summer Youth, etc. Version 10.05 will manage innovative employment programs such as unemployment insurance, welfare transition and aid in monitoring economic growth initiatives for South Carolina.

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