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The Tennessee Department of Labor has aligned with software company Geographic Solutions to create one of the most advanced reemployment systems in the country. JOBS4TN (, set to launch in the spring of 2014, will allow job seekers to apply for and claim unemployment benefits, register in the employment system, and find current job openings sourced from hundreds of web sites within their job market.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development has worked with Geographic Solutions since 2003 to provide their Labor Market Information website, The Source, which was expanded in 2010 to include labor exchange functionality and the name was changed to JOBS4TN.

Now, the State of Tennessee has made the decision to further expand the site to create an integrated comprehensive workforce development case management and unemployment insurance claims system.

The site will provide job seekers with a user-friendly, efficient, online system to conduct job search, access labor market information, and file unemployment claims. The added functionality of the system can significantly reduce periods of unemployment, thus reducing benefit claim durations and providing millions of dollars in cost-savings for both the State of Tennessee and its private employers.

Immediately upon registering in the system, job seekers will be presented with a list of job openings that match their skills. Then – every time they log in to the system, they are presented with current job openings – leading to a faster return to reemployment. Claimants will also have access to a plethora of interactive, dynamic labor market information maps, charts, and graphs – representing historical and real-time data.

With this additional functionality, Tennessee will create a state-of-the-art workforce development and unemployment claimant system that will provide leading-edge integrated services for job seekers, employers, training providers, workforce staff, and one-stop partners.

For more information on JOBS4TN, contact Lynn Hatfield, Eastern Regional Manager (Geographic Solutions) at (321) 633-5050 -

Geographic Solutions is a rapidly-growing software development company based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Geographic Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, employment and training. The Company has developed state-of-the-art systems for employment and workforce development agencies for more than 30 states. Our software is now available to over 75% of the job seekers and employers in the country. For more information, visit www.geographicsolutions.comor call 727-786-7955.

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