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Geographic Solutions' work to Partner Corrections and Workforce Featured in Industry Publication

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Reducing recidivism directly benefits society in numerous ways, including increasing safety in our communities, decreasing victimization rates, reducing criminal justice costs and fostering family preservation.

Lack of employment can have a significant impact on an individual’s tendency to re-offend. Studies have shown that unemployment rates are highest for ex-offenders within the first two years of their release and that programs focusing on pro-active, pre-release job placement reduce the likelihood of recidivism, especially among non-violent offenders.

Over the past decade, many justice and labor departments have concluded that partnerships are necessary for bringing the latest job readiness programs and workforce development technology to inmates. These efforts involve a variety of initiatives, including job fairs, job readiness training and soft skills awareness activities.

In recognition of this need, states are making the investment to strengthen the bond between workforce agencies and state and local corrections entities. The staggering costs of incarceration have led to criminal justice reforms across all levels of government. This has resulted in the reduction of inmate populations.

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