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Jobseekers participating in the state Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program in Georgia now have a brand new tool at their disposal to assist them in locating training opportunities, exploring the local labor market, and accessing career tools. The Georgia Work Ready Online Participation Portal (, was created for the Georgia Governor’s office of Workforce Development (GWOD) and funded through a WIA Incentive grant awarded by the a U.S. Dept. of Labor and U.S. Dept. of Education. The new site, which launched on July 1st, serves as a management tool for WIA case managers and an efficient data-compliance and federal-reporting system for GA workforce administration.

The Georgia Work Ready Online Participation Portal, was built using Version 12.1 of Geographic Solutions’ Virtual OneStop® software, which effectively captures, tracks, and reports information on a variety of workforce programs and services and makes those statistics available to users. It also serves as a source for Career Tips, Career Exploration, Online Learning, and programs provided by Training/ Education entities.

The new system also brings a plethora of staff productivity tools such as Document Management and Advanced Individual Fund Tracking. All services provided to WIA participants, whether self-service or staff-assisted, will be accounted for and used to improve agency tracking and regional workforce growth initiatives. WIA Case Managers can also enter and track individuals’ financial aid, budgeting, and training attendance. The new site also allows staff the ability to create Individual Employment Plans (IEP), a functionality allowing the tracking of goals, objectives, and plans for services to be captured and maintained to coincide with the application for WIA program eligibility. The IEP also includes assessments, test scores, support service requirements, training needs, and training services.

Geographic Solutions is a rapidly-growing software development company based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Geographic Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, employment and training. The Company has developed state-of-the-art systems for employment and workforce development agencies for more than 30 states. Our software is now available to over 75% of the job seekers and employers in the country. For more information on Geographic Solutions’ software, visit www.geographicsolutions.comor call 727-786-7955. For more information on the Georgia Work Ready Online Participation Portal, email Deane Toler at

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