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Texas Workforce Commission Launches MyTXCareer.Com: A Job Placement Assistance Portal Powered By The Most Advanced Job Search Engine Available

AUSTIN, TX and PALM HARBOR, FL – (May 5, 2021) – As the recovery from the national pandemic continues to unfold, Texans have a new tool in their arsenal as their state continues to help re-employ those that lost their job during the downturn. Geographic Solutions and the Texas Workforce Commission are proud to announce, a portal designed specifically to use the latest machine learning technology to provide job search assistance to individuals who have lost their job as a direct result of the pandemic.

At first glance, the site gives visitors a true pulse on the Texas job market, with a dashboard full of real-time labor market stats. The site provides citizens with access to over 750,000 Texas jobs openings and the state’s employers access to over 4,700,000 active résumés.

Traditionally, job boards present users with a list of opportunities by keyword – leaving job seekers overwhelmed as they sift through countless, often-irrelevant job postings. provides a new approach. The site’s Reactive Matching Algorithm uses the latest machine learning technology to cut through the noise, giving job seekers the power to search for jobs on their terms. Reactive Matching finds Texas job seekers the most suitable jobs available in their local area. It analyzes a comprehensive set of data elements based on key information that the system automatically extracts from a job seeker’s résumé. Reactive Matching then uses proprietary pattern matching algorithms to determine exactly how well an individual matches an employer’s requirements. This includes how well the job seeker matches their requirements for education, work experience, salary, location, work shift, driver’s license requirements and endorsements, minimum age, security clearance, language proficiency, and typing speed. brings a new level of intelligence to the job search process. For example, when an individual is searching for a job in Dallas and enters the keyword ‘Server’, the system will know to ask the job seeker if they are looking for a job as a waiter/waitress or a job related to a computer server. also highlights businesses who are currently pursuing large scale recruiting efforts for essential workers such as Tesla, Inc., T-Mobile, Accentcare Inc. (Texas Home Health), Christus Health, Hospital Corporation of America,, First National Bank, and many more. The site serves as a conduit between job-seeking Texans and the employers who are eager to fill immediate open positions.

Texans are encouraged to create an account to reap the full benefits of the system, but guests are welcome as well. Once registered within the system, job seekers and employers have free access to a complete set of employment tools designed for all levels of computer experience. A virtual ‘one-stop shop,’ the website also assists job seekers with résumé creation, career exploration, skills assessments, job applications, training resources, and more. Employers can also post job listings and search for qualified candidates. stands poised to assist Texans in getting back to work and will connect businesses with the recruitment, hiring, and training resources needed to keep the state moving forward through recovery. As an added bonus, the site is available in Spanish and accessible by desktop and mobile application as well. For more information regarding, please email

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