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The Louisiana Workforce Commission, in partnership with Geographic Solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of HiRE. The site, a first of its kind in the country, will combine unemployment benefits and workforce services in an effort to help people quickly find employment and reduce unemployment claim durations. The groundbreaking system will provide unemployment insurance claimants with open and available jobs that match their work history and location as well as monitor to ensure that claimants are fulfilling work search requirements.  The site also allows workforce staff the ability to track claimant’s efforts, offer assistance, and guidance, as needed.

HiRE, which stands for Helping Individuals Reach Employment, provides all of the employment assistance services formerly available in Louisiana’s Virtual OneStop. Additionally, users can receive unemployment insurance services such as filing for unemployment insurance claims and filing for weekly benefits. The site’s unique approach to reemployment focuses on giving the unemployed all of the tools necessary to find a job. Upon applying for unemployment benefits, the user is presented with a list of current job openings and training opportunities based on their previous work history and location within the State of Louisiana. Users will also be able to search for jobs and careers using a five-star rating system that ranks jobs based on pay, as well as current and long-term demand.

HiRE, powered by Geographic Solution’s Reemployment Exchange (REX), integrates the state’s legacy UI system with the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s Virtual OneStop and labor market information site, under a single login and password.

“HiRE makes it easier to go from unemployed to re-employed,” said LWC Executive Director Curt Eysink. “We’re bringing job seekers, employers and training providers closer together than ever.”

"Today is a giant step forward in providing seamless service for our customers," said Dayne Freeman, director of the LWC's Office of Unemployment Insurance Administration. "HiRE means individuals will find work faster and spend less time collecting unemployment benefits, and businesses will enjoy lower operating costs."

The recent launch is the first of three phases. The next step, scheduled for completion in January 2014, will add unemployment appeals and benefits processing features to the HiRE system. The third phase, scheduled for early 2015, will enable employers to post job openings, recruit talent, schedule job fairs, pay unemployment taxes, file appeals, and submit required forms and compliance reports.

Learn more about HiRE, including an online tutorial, at To see how REX can enhance your workforce system, contact Deane Toler, Marketing Manager at 888-710-4867 or

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