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New Hampshire Employment Security has selected Geographic Solutions to provide a web-based Job Match and Case Management Virtual OneStop software solution that will meet the needs of job seekers and employers; as well as New Hampshire case managers, administration and staff members. The system is expected to be online in April, 2009.

The state-of-the-art New Hampshire system will become one of seventeen statewide systems using Virtual OneStop components for WIA, Wagner-Peyser and Federal reporting. The Virtual OneStop system will provide an MIS system that will be flexible enough to adapt to data requirements at all government levels, yet provide secure IT controls and provide staff with improved, easy access to queries such as customer registration/service queries, customized reports, as well as federal reports and standardized management reports.

The New Hampshire Employment Security Job Match System includes a full case management system to assist staff in effectively managing employment security programs and creating performance and management reports. Specific Virtual OneStop component modules will be used in the system for Labor Exchange, Wagner-Peyser Programs and Case Management, as well as comprehensive reporting.

Job seekers and employers in New Hampshire will be able to use the system to access a wide array of employment related services including job searches, resume development, skills matching, labor market information, job postings, and candidate searches.

New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) is a federally funded state agency with 13 local offices located across the state to provide services to job seekers and employers.

The mission of NHES is to: Operate a free public Employment Service through a statewide network of Job and Information Centers, providing a broad range of assisted and self-directed employment and career related services, and labor market information to all customers; Pay Unemployment Compensation benefits in a timely manner to eligible claimants and collect the tax which funds these payments; Develop and disseminate labor market information and provide measurements of labor market outcome to assist local and state officials, private employers, educators and trainers and the public in making decisions which promote economic development and the efficient use of state labor resources. For more information, visit the New Hampshire Employment Security website.

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