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Partnership With Florida Memorial University And CareerSource South Florida Culminates With Launch Of Geographic Solutions’ Virtual Career Center

PALM HARBOR, FL – (March 5, 2021) – Geographic Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, is excited to announce the launch of the Virtual Career Center (VCC), a career pathways solution, at Florida Memorial University (FMU).  Sponsored by CareerSource South Florida (CSSF) through the on campus Career Development Center, VCC will help FMU students explore in-demand occupations that align with the interests and skills they develop at the University.

Dr. Jaffus Hardrick, President of Florida Memorial University, said “This type of collaboration is going to position us, position our students, to be ready to compete in a global marketplace. That’s what it’s all about. When they graduate, the most important thing is whether or not they have the skills that are going to help them be competitive and to meet the demands of the workforce. This partnership is certainly going to help position our students for that level of success.”

VCC is a powerful, web-based career services platform that delivers full self-service functionality to engage students in career development and to partner with employers for successful recruiting. Through this new software, which will be available to FMU students after return to classes for the Spring 2021 semester, students and advisors will have the ability to work together from the start of their education journey through graduation day in one user-friendly system to explore pathways, gain experience, and prepare for REAL employment opportunities post-graduation. To explore the joint venture between FMU and CSSF, visit:

“New graduates face increasing challenges job hunting during the pandemic. Knowing which industries are hiring and how to stand out to employers is invaluable to any student,” said Paul Toomey, President and Founder of Geographic Solutions. “We are proud to partner with FMU and CareerSource South Florida to customize our VCC software specifically for the university to help FMU students.”

“We want to use technology to assist students in every way possible so that when they walk across the stage to enter the workforce, they are on their way to a fulfilling career opportunity,” said Rick Beasley, Executive Director of CareerSource South Florida. “Our partnership with FMU and Geographic Solutions makes it possible to equip these students with real-time data on industries that are hiring, tools to determine what career path is best for them, and the training and education needed to get them hired. We are pleased to work with FMU and some of the best and brightest students of South Florida to help them fulfill their mission to be successful.”

The FMU Career Development Center currently offers services to assist students at every level, as well as alumni with internships, apprenticeships, on-the-job training opportunities, and post-graduation job placement assistance. VCC is a free resource for students to enhance these services by providing current labor market trends data, allowing them to evaluate both current and projected growth and earning opportunities as they determine their field of study.

Students using VCC will take a series of quick assessment tests to gauge their interests and strengths. The software enables them to see exactly what skills are needed, and which FMU programs will prepare them for their desired job. The students’ advisors will also have the ability to track their progress and assist in the career exploration process.

From the pathway planning and career development tools to labor market information providing a real-time look at current market conditions, VCC supports and promotes CSSF Career Development Center’s core purpose: providing increased access and awareness to workforce services for college students and recent graduates. CSSF actively partners with local colleges and universities to assist in career pathways exploration and professional development.

Listen in as Dr. Hardrick and Mr. Beasley talk about the benefits and advantages of the VCC system on And That's Why We Code: Client Edition, a podcast produced by Geographic Solutions.

For more information on this partnership, contact Chuck Johnson, Business Development Executive for Geographic Solutions at or (727) 786-7955. 

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