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Adelita S. Orefice, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT), announced the availability of a new on-line, no charge service for job seekers, students, employers and anyone interested in the state's economy. RI RED, Research and Economic Database, is an interactive web application that gives users the ability to research the Rhode Island labor market. The web address is

"RI RED is a wonderful resource that anyone with Internet access can use from the convenience of their own computer," said Director Orefice. "It provides users with up-to-date labor market information including wage rates, industry and occupational projects, area profiles, and economic indicators as well as job postings, skills analysis, and educational information."

RI RED features three interactive modules: Services for Individuals, Services for Employers, and Labor Market Analysis. Each module contains data designed for the particular user. The application also links to brochures and publications produced by the Department's Labor Market Information unit. RI RED is integrated with other DLT web sites as well as outside Internet resources to provide one-stop functionality to its users. It is updated as new information becomes available.

Individuals with Internet access can register on this new secure system, match their skills with occupations, search job postings, research occupational wages and industry trends, and create custom occupational profiles from their queries. Employers can also use RI RED for recruitment and educational services, download required employment posters, review Labor Laws, and connect to DLT's Employer Service Unit.

The Department invites you to peruse this innovative web application. Comments and suggestions should be directed to the Labor Market Information unit at

Article originally published by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training.

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