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Insider features Geographic Solutions Economist, Phillip Sprehe, regarding US Debt Ceiling

Geographic Solutions' Economist, Phillip Sprehe, was featured in an article by Insider, this past weekend. The article details the potential economic crisis that could ensue if the US Congress does not vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. This action could result in millions of Americans losing their jobs across many industries, with the business and health sectors being hit the hardest. 

"It would really be with those companies that have kind of delicate financial positions where they're relying on interest payments from US Treasuries that they hold and they're doing this month to month, so that if they don't get that revenue in, then that could jeopardize their ability to do business and to keep up with payroll."

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Le Monde features Paul Toomey

The international publication, Le Monde, featured a story about the employment shift happening in the tech industry. It mentions how more and more tech workers heading away the tech giants such as Google and Apple and focusing their sights on smaller businesses where their tech talents are greatly needed. Geographic Solutions’ Founder and President speaks to our own experience with finding talented software engineers amid the pandemic. 

Read the full article on the Le Monde Website.

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Tampa Bay as Emerging Tech Hub

This week the Tampa Bay Business Journal published an article written by our Founder and President, Paul Toomey. The article titled “Big Tech Layoffs May Open the Door for IT Talent Recruitment” details the rise of Tampa Bay as a national tech hub and how that impacts the local job market and more specifically the technology sector. He cites Employ Florida with real-time, job statistics that showcase the state of the current job market and how it compares to other counties around the state. 

Read the full article in the print version of the Tampa Bay Business Journal or on their website

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Two Leaders in SaaS Innovation for Employment Development and Higher Education Services Align to Improve Interview Preparedness and Job Search Outcomes

Geographic Solutions and CollegeNET, Inc. are proud to announce a new partnership that stands to maximize interview preparedness and employment outcomes for job seekers. The partnership expands the scope of each company’s market reach, bringing Geographic Solutions’ employment tools to students via campus career centers and CollegeNET’s StandOut video interview practice to job seekers through state and local employment agencies. Geographic Solutions provides the leading online workforce development software for state and local workforce agencies, education institutions, and economic development organizations. CollegeNET’s StandOut® Intelligent Mirror practice interview platform is the leading AI/supercomputer system helping students prepare for effective job interviewing, formal presentations, public speaking, and social communications.   

Combining Innovation to Enhance Workforce Development 
Geographic Solutions’ Virtual OneStop® (VOS) Sapphire is a comprehensive, modular software solution that fulfills the requirements of labor exchange, case management, labor market information, service tracking, fund management, provider services, federal reporting, and more. The VOS Sapphire platform is currently utilized in more than 40 states and U.S. territories. The Geographic Solutions and CollegeNET partnership aims to improve employment outcomes across the country.   

“We’re excited to combine our VOS Sapphire software with StandOut’s innovative video technology to provide job seekers with a more robust package of employment search and career preparation resources,” said Geographic Solutions President, Paul Toomey. “Our mission has long been to equip job seekers with the tools they need to find quality, high-paying jobs. By incorporating StandOut, we can help job seekers prepare and build confidence as they pursue their employment goals.”

Interview Practice Builds Important Skills for Students
StandOut’s Intelligent Mirror AI video platform enables job seekers to build their interviewing skills by improving their word choice, speech clarity, and style. Users receive supercomputer and video feedback along the way that helps them identify and focus on specific areas for improvement. As with any endeavor, consistent practice builds self confidence in the ability to perform well in interviews and other social settings. As Geographic Solutions expands StandOut’s usage throughout workforce development centers, CollegeNET aims to increase Geographic Solutions’ presence in university career centers. 

“We greatly admire and share Geographic Solutions’ ambition to help streamline the job search and employment preparation process,” said CollegeNET President, Jim Wolfston. “Given that interviewing skills involve key social skills, they not only contribute to a successful job search, but they also pay off in terms of confidence and communication throughout one’s life and career. As soon as our team saw VOS Sapphire in action, it became clear that all students should have access to its advanced employment search, preparation, and career development resources.” 

About CollegeNET
CollegeNET, Inc. is the developer of StandOut® Intelligent Mirror, which includes patented AI voice analysis technology that provides self-guided practice and feedback to job seekers who want to improve their speaking skills and self-confidence. CollegeNET systems are now used by more than 1,000 institutions worldwide for virtual classroom instruction, career preparation, college admissions, campus hiring, candidate recruitment, event and academic scheduling, and course evaluation. 

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PALM HARBOR, FL – (February 1, 2023) – Geographic Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, unemployment insurance, corrections, education, and human services, has partnered with Teknimedia, a top developer of educational software, to offer online life skills training in its key vertical markets. 

Through this integration, Geographic Solutions clients that utilize its Virtual One Stop Sapphire (VOS) or Virtual One Stop Reentry Employment Opportunities (VOS REO) have the option to access Teknimedia’s online life skills and job training courseware.

“We both have similar missions, helping individuals go farther, by teaching them how to identify and prepare for a career as well as learning valuable life skills,” said Paul Toomey, Founder and President of Geographic Solutions.  “By partnering with Teknimedia, we aim to provide additional resources to cultivate career pathways for those looking to succeed in life.”

Teknimedia brings its LearnMax video platform, a versatile tool for conducting live classes and creating video lessons on the web. LearnMax offers job seekers a single sign-on with seamless access to its courses.

Teknimedia also has a robust curriculum focused on reentry skills development for justice-involved individuals, which compliments Geographic Solutions’ reentry employment software. Studies show that individuals who develop workplace soft skills as well as receive technical training are better able to obtain employment prior to release and are less likely to cycle back through the justice system. This training not only helps the individual, it ultimately saves taxpayers' money.

“We are very excited to form a partnership with Geographic Solutions. This partnership enables us to offer Teknimedia’s comprehensive digital literacy and life/reentry skills courses, as well as LearnMax, our secure communication tool, to the users of Geographic Solutions’ VOS and VOS REO. We are confident that our products will play a significant role in helping job seekers find employment and be successful in the workplace,” said Ed Shahmirzadi, CEO of Teknimedia.

 About Geographic Solutions

Geographic Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, unemployment insurance, labor market information, human services, corrections, education, employment, and training. The company has developed state-of-the-art systems for agencies in more than 35 states and U.S. territories. Geographic Solutions’ software is available to more than 75% of the job seekers in the country. For more information, visit or call 727-786-7955.

The Epoch Times Features Geographic Solutions' Economist, Phillip Sprehe

Based on a story by Tom Ozimek that first appeared at The Epoch Times

The rate of inflation has trended up over the last several months. Prices are falling in some areas but continue to rise in others. Measurements of Consumer Price Index (CPI) in December did show some positive signs of improvement. Late last week, our staff economist, Phillip Sprehe, shared his insight with The Epoch Times on the overall pace of inflation as measured by the CPI. Official inflation data of 6.5 percent is the slowest annual rate in over a year and this number has been trending downward in recent months. 

“The CPI has been softening over the last six months which is a good sign that high inflation rates are on a definitive path downward,” said Sprehe.

But, the downward trend may not act as a deterrent to the Federal Reserve.

“The Federal Reserve might also partially disregard the good news, because a significant portion of the reduction comes from volatile energy items which could suddenly reaccelerate,” said Sprehe.

Read more from Sprehe's interview and the entire story by visiting the Epoch Times online.

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2023 Public Sector Data Summit

LONDON – Geographic Solutions Founder and President Paul Toomey will serve as a featured speaker at the Public Sector Data Summit in Westminster, London on January 19, 2023. Geographic Solutions is a leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, unemployment insurance, career exploration, and labour market information. The company’s business activities are focused on the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, as well as Asia Pacific.

Toomey, who is originally from the United Kingdom, will present ‘The Value of In Context and Just in Time Labour Market Information.’ This informative session will focus on the importance of and complexities with providing labour market information to job seekers and employers at the exact point and time that they need it. The presentation will offer examples from state public employment systems in the United States, as well as research on the use of near real-time workforce-related data to estimate the economic future of large corporations.

The Public Sector Data Summit features case studies and the newest technologies that aid improvements, efficiencies and savings across local and central government, the National Health Service (NHS), and the wider public sector. Presenters include leading senior public sector officials and experts from private sector solution providers. Toomey’s presentation will take place from 14:30-14:50 (GMT) at the Mountbatten Theatre – QEII Centre.

Over the past 30 years, Geographic Solutions has established itself as an innovative, best-in-class software systems developer – amassing a solid and sophisticated clientele of governments, universities, labour, and economic researchers. The company specializes in developing and maintaining online software for workforce development, economic development, education, corrections, human services, and unemployment insurance benefits.

The company is credited with implementing state-of-the-art online employment portals that collectively serve millions of job seekers, staff, and employers in more than 35 U.S. states and territories, far surpassing the reach and experience of any other vendor in the industry.

Apprenticeships Help Power the Florida Workforce

Geographic Solutions has partnered with the apprenticeship program at SPC, which engages in the "earn while you learn" model, helping students find full-time employment at local companies that not only include wages and benefits, but technical instruction through for-credit and non-credit courses. 

Click here to read the full St. Petersburg College News article. 

Geographic Solutions Named a Finalist for Tampa Bay Tech’s Project of the Year Award

PALM HARBOR, FL – (November 16, 2022) – Geographic Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, unemployment insurance, corrections, education, human services, and labor market information, is proud to announce they have been named a finalist for ’Tech Project of the Year’ for the 19th Annual Tampa Bay Tech Awards. 

The nonprofit technology council named 15 finalists in six different award categories, spotlighting local emerging tech leaders and companies who are creating impact and driving change.

Geographic Solutions was named a finalist for one of their most recent and largest projects to date.  In December 2021, the company partnered with the Nebraska Department of Labor to launch unemployment tax functionality within the state’s existing NEworks ( system. The newly upgraded NEworks system now includes functionality for labor exchange, labor market information, unemployment benefits, appeals, and tax in one complete solution – solidifying the system as the first and only system of its kind in the country. 

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by the Tampa Bay tech community for this project, which could not have been possible without hard work and dedication from our employees,” said Paul Toomey, president and founder of Geographic Solutions. “Through our incredible partnership with the Nebraska Department of Labor, employers and job seekers statewide can truly experience the power of one, comprehensive system.” 

The Tampa Bay Tech Awards ceremony will be held at Armature Works in Tampa on November 18, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Disaster Recovery Updates on Hurricane Ian

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis gave updates on recovery efforts, financial assistance, and numerous resources available to those going through various stages and levels of disaster recovery. The update included information on search and rescue, emergency management, utilities, health and human services, infrastructure, and private sector support, amongst others.
As part of his update, Governor DeSantis highlighted the Department of Economic Opportunity and CareerSource Florida's efforts to mobilize resources from Local Workforce Development Boards and their mission to connect businesses and people impacted by Hurricane Ian with workforce programs. As a way to look for employment opportunities and post disaster-related jobs that can rebuild Florida's communities impacted by Hurricane Ian, Floridians are urged to visit and utilize Florida's Disaster Recovery Jobs Portal at
To read more about the update and the portal's numerous resources, visit: