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TAMPA, FL (MAY 18, 2018) – A coalition consisting of several high-profile software company CEOs headquartered in Tampa have partnered with Tampa Bay Tech, Florida’s largest technology council. The CEOs formed an alliance with the goals of promoting, growing and improving the region’s technology ecosystem. These goals will be accomplished through partnering with local companies, working with business groups, and collaborating with higher-education organizations. Additionally, the coalition will promote job growth by hiring local professionals and creating opportunities for student internship and career development.

Members include Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft, Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software, Jody Haneke, CEO of Haneke Design, Chris Karlo, CEO of Mercury New Media, Peter Dobler, CEO of Dobler Consulting, Gina Leigh Volmuth, CEO of Praxsys Group, and Paul Toomey, CEO of Geographic Solutions.

“We know that Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest and fastest-growing tech hub,” explains Jack Berlin, CEO of Tampa-based Accusoft, “and we want to ensure that everyone else knows this as well.”

“We have a golden opportunity to take advantage of a rapidly growing tech ecosystem here in Tampa,” continues Seng Sun, CEO of Tampa-based SunView Software. “We believe that Tampa has the talent to drive innovation and create opportunities for this area.”

For more information, or if you are a Tampa Bay Software CEO interested in participating, please visit

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