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The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has launched a new Web site to match workers seeking a new job with employers in the state.

David Griffin, administrator of the department's Employment Services Division, said the new site offers better access to information about jobs, is easier to use than an older system and allows applicants to submit resumes to several different employers by computer.

"There is a better match mechanically between job and jobseeker," Griffin said. "The system will send an e-mail to the business and the jobseeker and tell them at what level they're matched. Was it a 100 percent match? Was it 80 percent? It's a slick system."

Griffin said he hopes the new system will draw workers to Wyoming. Although other states that have used the system report doubling their number of potential workers, he said he doesn't expect Wyoming to see an increase quite that large. "I think we'll see a large increase," Griffin said. "I don't know if we'll see 200 percent."

The system has a labor market component that gathers information from sources including employers, jobseekers and colleges. Based on that information, it can tell applicants what jobs are paying in different areas.

"It is today's information," Griffin said of the information on the web site.

The state also intends to buy technology called "spidering" that will allow it to pull information about Wyoming jobs off of other Web sites. Visit the Web site at

Article originally published by The Billing Gazette.

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