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Alison Learning Paths: The First Step on any Career Pathway

Written by's Editorial Board

At a time when the job market is changing drastically, Alison's Learning Paths offer ways forward for the thousands of people who feel they may need to change careers but don't yet know how they'll get the chance to add a new string to their bow and broaden their employability. While it is well known that online courses are a great way for job hunters to upskill in a certain area or refresh their knowledge on a specific subject, what's less recognized is that online learning can offer much more comprehensive solutions to those seeking employment. Because Alison courses are free, Learning Paths give job seekers the opportunity to feel out a potential Career Pathways without having to make a financial commitment that might otherwise discourage them.

Alison’s Learning Paths offer in-depth education and expansive training, allowing job seekers to embark down an entirely new career path — starting from scratch, if necessary. Learning Paths are combinations of courses that have been carefully put together by Alison's expert team, to take the learner from being a beginner in a subject to having an advanced understanding of a new area of knowledge. 

Alison's Learning Paths are a valuable resource that employment agencies can use to develop career pathways for those seeking work because it allows the agencies to offer clients a clear roadmap for progressing towards a job. While a single course might seem aimless to a job seeker, a Learning Path shows them a prescribed route towards proficiency, which is the first step of a solid career pathway. In the hands of effective employment agencies, the goals towards which Learning Paths can be directed are exciting new careers and opportunities for job seekers.

Learning Paths are particularly useful for job hunters who are seeking their first job as they allow learners to focus their attention on a particular discipline and thus master the skills necessary for a specific career. Equally, Learning Paths provide the perfect opportunity for individuals who are looking to change lanes into a new career as they are designed to take the learner from rudimentary knowledge of a subject to having an advanced understanding.

For example, the Project Management - Introduction to Advanced Learning Path consists of six Alison courses, beginning with a course on the fundamentals of Project Management and ending with a more advanced course on topics like Procurement and Project Closeout.

Alison currently offers 66 different Learning Pathways, ranging from a diverse selection of topics such as Accounting to Programming and Customer Service to Tourism. Learning Paths vary in length, depending on how many courses they consist of. For example, the Customer Service Learning Path consists of four courses, while the Marketing Learning Path consists of seven. On average, Learning Paths have a completion time of between 18 and 20 hours. 

Dr. Eric Corbett is Alison's Content Development Manager and one of the experts behind Alison's Learning Paths. Eric has an MA in E-Learning Design and Development and over ten years of experience working with Alison. 

"Learning Paths are a great way to band courses together in a specific sequence to help learners master a complete subject," said Dr. Corbett. "Learning Paths help create a structured training program and guide learners on a path toward a specific goal."

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