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Insights and Perspective


Read the latest from Geographic Solutions.'s Free Workplace Personality Assessments Identify Job-Related Strengths and Weaknesses

By the Editorial Board

If you're going to help someone secure a job, you first need to know what type of work they're best suited to. However this becomes a tricky business when job seekers aren't sure about where their true talents lie or lack the confidence to pursue a career for which they're qualified. 

Having a rigorous and scientific means of testing and quantifying your client's skill set and interests provides invaluable advantage in helping them find meaningful and gainful employment. 

Alison recently launched its free Workplace Personality Assessment that will allow you to gather accurate data relating to both a candidate's character and their career potential. The assessment identifies the sectors to which your client is best suited, as well as their work-related strengths and weaknesses. 

The Workplace Personality Assessment highlights whether or not a job-seeker is pursuing an appropriate career pathway, or if they will benefit from redirecting their energies. This evaluation flags what skills the candidate needs to hone and what expertise they'll need to acquire if they have a particular career in mind. The assessment directs the job seeker to the relevant Alison courses needed to address any identified gaps in their knowledge or skill set, making it an ideal tool for workforce agencies tasked with finding people employment.

Besides being a useful means of assessing an applicant's capabilities, psychometric testing is also an valuable tool for any job center as it prepares your clients for the kind of testing they might face from potential employers.

Just as competent interview skills are crucial for those seeking work, experience with psychometric testing is becoming increasingly important. As outlined in this article in the Harvard Business Review, nearly one in five companies currently make use of psychometric assessments as part of their hiring process and that number is growing at 10-15% a year.

Familiarity with the process of psychometric assessments means a candidate won't be caught off guard when asked to undergo such testing as part of an interview process. As these evaluations become increasingly common, the chances are most job-seekers will undergo psychometric assessments of some sort in the future. It's critical that workforce agencies and job centers are adequately preparing their clients for all the various eventualities of the hiring process. A candidate might feel blindsided, and rightly so, if they find themselves faced with psychometric assessments yet were not prepared for it. 

Alison's Psychometric Evaluations are user-friendly and readily available to any job-seeker seeking an edge in today's job market. What's more — just like our courses — they're completely free. 

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