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Insights and Perspective


Read the latest from Geographic Solutions. Guest Blog: How Apprenticeships Increase Employability

By Michael O' Reilly, USA Workforce Specialist

When the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance ended on September 6, 2021, many were left discouraged and wondering what their next step would be. But, the latest results from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) are encouraging and, hopefully, motivate job-seekers along their journey. 

There has been a surprising 70% growth in apprenticeships since 2011, a number that continues to rise. There are many reasons for this upward trend, from the USDOL's response to an ever-growing industry demand, to workers considering new options as their previous roles are no longer required in an increasingly digitized working environment. 

The National Registered Apprenticeship Results for 2020 shows 636,515 active apprentices, with 222,243 new apprentices. The fastest growing industry is Construction (188,452 active apprentices), followed by Public Administration (18,959 active), Manufacturing (16,510 active) and Transportation and Warehousing (13,020 active). 

With October being Careers in Construction Month, have you considered assisting career seekers in a new path to become construction managers, carpenters or crane operators? Visit the Career Guide and gain a glimpse into what free skills and courses are available to you, which can be taken online at a pace that matches each individual. Safety on construction sites is so important to reduce the number of worker injuries and fatalities, enroll in this construction safety and health course and be safe!

Alongside the Career Guide, Alison also offers learners a free workplace personality test, which helps identify the jobs that they're best suited for, as well as those for which they have a natural aptitude. The test also helpfully recommends the courses needed to fill in knowledge gaps. 

The fastest growing occupation is Electrician (44,547 active apprentices), followed by Carpenter (25,553 active), Construction Craft Labourer (16,464 active), Plumber (15,711 active) and Heavy Truck Driver (12,490 active).

There are many benefits for job seekers who are considering an apprenticeship. 
1)    It can reveal a wider range of career paths. 
2)    There is no need to complete a degree.
3)    Learners can earn while they learn. 
4)    They can complete a 90 minute to 3 hour free course as suitability check.
The main reason behind the increased popularity of apprenticeships is that they result in jobs. There is a real lack of qualified professionals across almost all trades from electrical to carpentry, brick-laying to shop fitting. This lack of candidates is, in part, the natural result of the "degree boom" in recent years, in which both universities and businesses overemphasized the need for a third level education, resulting in more people flocking to universities. For many this has been an unaffordable option. However, this trend has saturated certain job industries and emptied the pools for others.

As the labor market tries to rebalance itself, there are golden opportunities available to those who empower themselves to exploit the opportunities which apprenticeships offer. There's a real consumer-driven demand for the trade skills that an apprenticeship will give career seekers. From plumbers to mechanics, there simply aren't enough resources to meet the demand. This means lots of work and good wages for those who take an apprenticeship to learn these "endangered skills".

Alison has responded to this resurgence in apprenticeships with a selection of 25 courses that might just be for career seekers you encounter.

1.    Diploma in Plumbing Studies
2.    Introduction to Plumbing
3.    Introduction to Plumbing Tools and Drawings
4.    Introduction to Plumbing Pipes and Fixtures
5.    Understanding Drainage and Water Distribution Systems
6.    Introduction to Carpentry
7.    Carpentry - Introduction to Construction Methods
8.    Carpentry - Introduction to Formwork and Joinery
9.    Diploma in Carpentry Studies
10.    Diploma in Electrical Studies
11.    Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment
12.    Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems
13.    Introduction to the Electrical Trade
14.    Car Mechanic Training
15.    Motorbike Maintenance for Beginners
16.    Introduction to Masonry
17.    Basics of Welding and Joining Technologies
18.    Food Safety and Hygiene in the Catering Industry
19.    Diploma in Food Safety
20.    Caregiving Skills - Dementia Care
21.    Diploma in Caregiving
22.    Construction Safety and Health
23.    Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health
24.    Pharmacy Assistant
25.    Customer Care Skills

Apprenticeships are lucrative educational journeys that can lead to countless rewarding careers. 

If you know somebody considering an Apprenticeship, why not share this information with them? They may benefit from learning some new skills. 

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