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Capitalize on Available Features as a Means to Improve Efficient Communications With Clients

As the country shifts into economic recovery, helping out-of-work individuals find stability through employment should be at the forefront of our minds. Eleven states are preparing to end emergency financial assistance provided throughout 2020. As an agency staff member, you have the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to engage job seekers — as well as to encourage their self-guided career search — with the use of the features available in VOS Sapphire, like the Job Seeker Engagement module and Virtual Recruiter.

These tools break the barrier of social distancing, allowing you to reach out and play an active role in your client’s re-employment activity. The Job Seeker Engagement module offered by Geographic Solutions provides the ability to create messages and system alerts to send to individuals who have applied to, or shown interest in, a job. With the use of this module, you can easily contact and receive feedback from job seekers during their journey to employment.

It includes the ability to configure “Intelligent Alerts” to send information to your clients based on defined business rules and on the delivery method chosen by the recipient: email, system message, or text message. This module also gives you the ability to promote job fairs, encourage work search activity, and provide a gentle nudge to keep clients working towards their employment goals.

The Job Seeker Engagement module promotes two-way communication between staff and clients. When a lull in job search activity is recognized, a message can be sent automatically to your client inquiring about their employment status and job search activity. You can configure the alert to send a message asking if they accepted a position, and your client can respond with a “yes,” “no,” or “opt out” answer.

Another useful tool for job seekers is the Virtual Recruiter. This feature allows your clients to create multiple job searches, save the searches, and determine the frequency at which these searches identify new job postings. Individuals can set the searches to run either on-demand or at pre-scheduled intervals, notifying them automatically when new jobs are found within the system.

Getting information and opportunities in front of job seekers as quickly as possible is an essential part of providing the best assistance. Receiving feedback with the same immediacy only complements your efforts. With the help of the Job Seeker Engagement module and Virtual Recruiter, you can support America’s transition back to work.

For more information on the Job Seeker Engagement module or Virtual Recruiter, please contact your assigned project manager.

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