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Celebrate Earth Day by Investing In Our Planet

Earth Day, created in 1970, raises awareness of and celebrates support for protective environmental action. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, an ardent environmentalist, created the day of observation in an effort to bring unity to the grassroots environmental movement to increase ecological awareness. The annual event is the largest civic-focused action day – and largest non-religious holiday – in the world. This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest In Our Planet

Get Paid to Go Green
Green collar jobs help invest in our planet by promoting conservation and sustainable practices such as reducing waste, energy use, and pollution. Although green collar jobs exist in all sectors of industry, these positions are typically found in the environmental sector and create an expanding field worldwide. Green collar workers are in positions which improve human wellbeing and builds social equity while reducing environmental risks and scarcities. According to author Dana Drosdick, “the green collar worker exists across industry and sector.” These jobs can revolve around preservation or conservation of resources as well as any positions revolving around mitigating climate change and pollution.

Our Relationship with Green Jobs 
Geographic Solutions firmly believes in promoting these careers. We have partnered with clients all over the United States to develop green job portals, such as Employ Florida, Hawaii Green Jobs Portal, and MARC Green Works. These portals provide easy access to finding environmentally-friendly positions. To make it easy for job seekers to recognize these opportunities, leaf icons are placed next to the jobs that are considered ‘green.’  According to Geographic Solutions’ data, employers had 287,255 green jobs on our sites in March 2022. 

Geographic Solutions celebrates Earth Day and applauds the effort to invest in our planet. Together we can act, innovate, and implement sustainable practices to safeguard and shield our health, our families, and our livelihoods.  

Join us by investing in our planet and celebrating Earth Day.  

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