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Insights and Perspective


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Global Accessibility Awareness Day brings digital accessibility and inclusion to the forefront for developers across the digital landscape.

On the Front Line of Reentry: Raynisha Perry at CareerSource Palm Beach County

Raynisha Perry of CareerSource Palm Beach County speaks about the fulfilling work of helping people change their lives.

Celebrate Earth Day by Investing In Our Planet

Geographic Solutions celebrates Earth Day and applauds the effort to invest in our planet.


We profile Stacey Books, Sr. Director of Growth & Development at Persevere, a national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering justice-involved individuals to succeed through education, mentoring, and ongoing support.


Hear from Melody Norris, Reentry Coordinator at the WY DWS, as she talks about the important work of giving people a second chance.

On the Front Lines of Reentry: Ben Conarroe at PRO Mentors

Ben Conarroe shares his insight and the meaningful impact he has made on countless lives.


In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we celebrate the lifelong work of Frances Perkins, the first female cabinet member in U.S. history.

Black History Month: Celebrating Leaders in Computer Science

Every year since 1976, February has been designated as Black History Month. Here are three notable pioneers in computer science history.

Part 3: Second Chance Month: An Interview With Lifeline Inmate Services' CEO and Founder, Robert Forte

In part 3, Robert Forte speaks about his role as CEO and Founder of Lifeline Inmate Services

Earth Day 51: Green Jobs Rising as a Hot, New Employment Sector

In the United States, more than 26 million Americans are involved in jobs with at least one green task.

Part 2: Second Chance Month: An Interview With Lifeline Inmate Services' CEO and Founder, Robert Forte

In part 2, Robert Forte speaks about recidivism, post-release obstacles, and his advice for those returning to society

Second Chance Month Promotes the Safe and Successful Return of Offenders to the Workforce

For National Second Chance Month, we interviewed Lifeline Inmate Services' CEO and Founder, Robert Forte, to talk about his upbringing, time in prison, and reentry contributions post release.

Observing MLK Day: Five Inspirational Quotes from MLK on Labor, Workforce, and Economic Development

Dr. King worked tirelessly for freedom, justice, and equality for all people. His efforts were instrumental in the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act paved the way to the formation of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Highlights the Importance of Accessibility and Inclusion in the COVID Age

National Disability Employment Awareness Month brings focus to the proliferation of accessible practices due to the global pandemic.

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Presidents' Day is a chance to reflect on how a few commanders-in-chief left noteworthy marks on the workforce during their tenures in office.