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Nebraska Program Improves Reemployment Services for UI Claimants 

The American Institute for Full Employment has given its 2016 Full Employment Award to the state of Nebraska and the for demonstrating exceptional comm Nebraska Department of Labor itment to and innovation in helping Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) claimants return to work and avoid long-term unemployment. 

In the past few years, many states have instituted notable policies and initiatives for the active, early and meaningful engagement of UI claimants in reemployment strategies. However, Nebraska stood out this year with its initiative to expand and improve its reemployment services for UI claimants seeking work. 

American Institute for Full Employment President, John Courtney said, “Our nation’s unemployment programs have a unique opportunity to help those who have lost jobs avoid the many poverties of unemployment that normally include losses of productive activity, confidence, social connections and income. As we prepare for the next recession, the state of Nebraska is one of a growing number of states that have developed new programs that efficiently provide their unemployment insurance claimants with more effective approaches to landing a job and avoiding long-term unemployment.” 

Courtney added, “The state of Nebraska has shown great leadership in serving our unemployed and helping them get on the fast track to landing a new job through universal and early engagement in job search, new tools and new synergies among its programs.” 

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