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PALM HARBOR, FL (January 20, 2017) – On January 12, 2017, Governor Ricketts gave his State of the State Address, highlighting Nebraska’s reemployment program, which launched in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Labor in 2015. During Governor Ricketts’ address, he praised the program and the positive impact it has made for job seekers, employers, and businesses in the state.

"In our Department of Labor, we launched a first-in-the-nation reemployment program to help job seekers connect with good-paying jobs faster, and it is now saving Nebraska businesses $17.6 million in taxes."

The Nebraska reemployment program leverages an advanced, web-based software system developed by Geographic Solutions, which is known as NEworks ( The system requires job seekers who are filing for unemployment benefits to search for work and post their resume on the site before they can file a claim. NEworks ensures that job seekers receiving unemployment are not only fulfilling their work search requirements, but they are also utilizing the free tools and resources available on the site that can help them obtain employment more quickly.

Governor Ricketts and the Nebraska Department of Labor released a formal video introducing the reemployment program and highlighting job seekers who were on unemployment and had success finding a job through NEworks.

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