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PALM HARBOR, FL – (July 2013) – Geographic Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the new Southwest Florida Works Mobile App for iPhone and iPad which took place on July 20, 2013.

In alignment with the public's acceptance of new and cutting-edge technology and in direct response to the ways that people want to search for a job, Southwest Florida Works released a mobile app, allowing job seekers anywhere to seek employment on-the-go. The Southwest FL Works mobile app gives users access to the entire database of job openings from the iPhone or iPad, the ability to search for a job based on current location, as well as pinpoint jobs on a map for easy reference. Southwest Florida Works also believes the new app will give employers' job openings exposure to tech-savvy job seekers throughout the United States.

The mobile app aggregates job openings and internships from over 16,000 sources throughout the State of Florida. After initiail registration, job seekers can apply for jobs and set up periodic email notifications about new opportunities. Users may also save and share their favorite jobs via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; while simultaneously recording all job search activity.

The app is compatible with all current generations of the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. An Android-compatible app will be coming soon. Staff, employers, and job seekers can find the new Southwest Florida Works app by searching for "SWFL Works" at the iTunes App Store. The app is available for download, free of cost.

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