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PALM HARBOR, FL – (May 16, 2016) – The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development partnered with Geographic Solutions, Inc. to launch a new integrated software solution that combines the state’s labor exchange and unemployment insurance (UI) operations into one system on May 16, 2016. Tennessee implemented the Geographic Solutions Unemployment System (GUS) to its existing Virtual OneStop system, known as Jobs4TN Online.

With the addition of the GUS system modules, Jobs4TN is now a fully-functioning system that provides for new and continued claims filing, claims adjudication, benefit payment adjustments, overpayment recovery, state and federal audits, employer charges, and appeals filing. It generates all federally required reports, as well as state specific reports the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development needs to provide its services. The system also provides accounting reports to ensure all expenditures are accurate and applied to the correct accounts.

The integrated Jobs4TN system has improved services for UI claimants, allowing them to file new and continued claims for unemployment benefits, file appeals of determinations, and search for job opportunities on a single website. Improved services for employers include the ability to respond to requests for separation information, maintain their unemployment account, and file appeals. The system continues to provide employers with the ability to post jobs and recruit new employees.

In addition to making services for claimants more efficient, the combined system improves the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s ability to identify improper benefits payments to claimants not actively searching for work or who have been employed within the claim period. The Jobs4TN system was designed to assist claimants in finding employment at a faster rate, allowing Tennessee’s UI Trust Fund to be depleted less quickly and resulting in a decrease in tax rates for employers who fund the system.

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