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You won’t find it on a list of the world’s most dangerous jobs, but this career path requires brave employees who are willing to work with JAWS.

Simply one technique within an entire set skills, JAWS, or Job Access With Speech is way more tame than the famous great white shark, and allows members of Geographic Solutions’ Accessibility Services Team to review and ensure web pages are decipherable to screen reader users who have low or no vision.

Considered the next frontier in worldwide accessibility equality, Geographic Solutions is focused on bringing ease-of-use in their products to people with disabilities. In the U.S. alone, over half of working-age people have disabilities, making it even more imperative to consider accessibility from the second a product is conceived.

While no days are typical in an agile-driven software development company, this team spends any given week analyzing websites, documents, and other materials for compliance with the latest accessibility guidelines.

The benefits far outweigh the challenges, and this group within the development department agrees that the most rewarding part is helping level the playing field for all individuals, regardless of specific impairment.

As a company, we're committed to ensuring our software is universally accessible. As a testament to this movement, the Accessibility Services Team periodically creates awareness labs. These workshops not only show how important inclusive design is to our users, they also show employees company-wide, and regardless of department, how great accessible design can be.

Part of an industry-wide movement since the Department of Justice revised regulations in 2010, accessibility guidelines not only enhance the product experience for those with disabilities, but for all users.

“The Accessibility Services Team is here to help,” said Accessibility Services Team Lead, Patti Arouni. “We can answer questions, provide training, recommend tools, and do whatever else is necessary so that our products are usable by as many people as possible.”

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