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We are proud to announce the recent recognitions Geographic Solutions has received during the during the 2024 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards ceremony held in Chicago.


Geographic Solutions' 16th Annual Workforce Technology Conference sees largest attendance to date.

Geographic Solutions is proud to announce the launch of their new corporate website

Geographic Solutions will host the 8th Annual Workforce Technology Conference, a platform to showcase cutting-edge technology with solutions to enhance workforce programs nationwide.

Geographic Solutions announces the company's recognition as a designated Microsoft Certified Partner.

Hollingsworth, a former Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Labor, is based out of Atlanta as Geographic Solutions' Southeastern Regional Manager.

These days, that same building is home to Geographic Solutions, a software company. The building has largely remained the same over the years, but where one might have expected to find such staples as brooms, molasses and wheat, now there are computers, telephones and faxes.

The Palm Harbor Historical Society made a bit of history this week. In a ceremony Wednesday, members of the group and guests placed the first of a planned series of historical plaques on the side of a local old building.