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Florida's new state-of-the-art web site for connecting Florida's job seekers and employers is now live at Employ Florida Marketplace (EFM) is a powerful online tool that has been added to the array of local and state workforce services and resources linked together for easy access under the Employ Florida partnership.

EFM is designed to help employers who are looking for the best job candidates to connect with job seekers or students searching for the right job. The site is also a valuable resource for policy makers, researchers, and others seeking to explore and analyze local labor markets in Florida. With thousands of job listings extracted from nearly every employer in Florida, finding job opportunities that fit an individual's needs and skills are easily accessed with a few mouse clicks. Employers searching for suitable candidates will benefit from the convenience of one web site for potential candidate searches and review of job market trends. The site will grow as more and more visitors register jobs and/or upload their resumes to the EFM. Training for front line regional staff will be available soon via a "train the trainer" approach statewide.

By October 1 this year, the EFM will be completely interfaced with the One-Stop Management Information System (OSMIS). Already job seekers, students, or employers may click on the site from any location whenever they need accurate data to make informed decisions on careers, training, wages, occupation searches, and resource recruitment.

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