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Florida residents interested in obtaining new job skills, certifications or degrees can now compare training providers and programs on the Employ Florida Marketplace. The Employ Florida Marketplace has added new Consumer Reports Services (CRS) functionality on July 18, 2013, making the training comparison data available to all users. The services are offered to users free-of-cost at the Employ Florida Marketplace (

Consumer Reports empowers individuals to collect and compare the offerings and completion performance of training providers and their respective programs, as well as provide access to reliable information. This includes the educational institution’s completion rate, placements, job retention, and earnings (achieved after training) for each training course.  This information, along with staff guidance helps individuals to choose the best training programs and providers for their situation.

Individuals may rely on several forms of search criteria to locate desired training providers such as area, keyword, and provider type (2-year universities, 4-year universities, colleges, private business, technical schools, etc.).  Provider ownership (private for-profit, private non-profit), WIA eligible status, and green jobs training is available.

Users may compare and contrast similar programs at the same institution or between different institutions. Jobseekers may also compare multiple programs’ completion rate, view a provider’s WIA eligibility, and identify programs defined as environmentally-friendly ‘Green Job’ occupations or ‘Bright Outlook’ occupation (occupations with extraordinary demand).

The CRS module was designed to meet the requirements of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). In addition to reviewing local training provider data, individuals can identify programs that are eligible under the WIA program for federally-funded training assistance.

Geographic Solutions is a rapidly-growing software development company based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Geographic Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, employment and training. The Company has developed state-of-the-art systems for employment and workforce development agencies for more than 30 states. Our software is now available to over 75% of the job seekers and employers in the country. For more information on Geographic Solutions’ software, visit For more information on the Employ Florida Marketplace and its functionality, email Tim Duffy at TDuffy@GeoSoLinc.comor call 727-786-7955.

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