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Geographic Solutions is excited to announce it has officially partnered with the World Employment Confederation (WEC), the global authority of the private employment services industry. 

Through this partnership, Geographic Solutions will join a worldwide network of employment and recruitment experts who are committed to driving innovation, sharing best practices, and making a positive impact on the employment sector. Geographic Solutions’ ability to meld concepts and experiences with diverse employment agencies will help WEC members highlight relevant labor market trends across countries as well as compliance needs – further reinforcing the company’s stance as a knowledge hub on all things labor market.

“Our mission to help individuals and families find meaningful employment and thereby drive economic development across geographies perfectly aligns with WEC’s vision and international scope,” explains Paul Toomey, Founder and CEO of Geographic Solutions. “The World Employment Confederation offers a sophisticated, policy-oriented and technology-forward environment. A software service provider like our company can share a unique vantage point from the public employment sector, as well as from the higher education space.”

The WEC is the global voice of the private employment services industry, representing national federations and workforce solutions companies from around the world. The WEC plays a crucial role in shaping policies, regulations, and best practices for the industry. By collaborating with the WEC, Geographic Solutions aims to contribute to the collective effort of improving access to quality employment services and strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors.

For more information on the partnership, visit the link here.

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