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Geographic Solutions is thrilled to unveil My Dashboard Assistant, an innovative new feature that will seamlessly be integrated into both guest and registered individual’s dashboards. This exciting new integration is designed to simplify and enhance the user experience for job seekers within the VOS Sapphire system. My Dashboard Assistant will be accessible for users on December 1, 2023.

My Dashboard Assistant offers a more personalized user experience for registered individuals, allowing them to better optimize their workflow. The system provides users with tailored recommendations based on how they routinely use VOS Sapphire to help them easily navigate their daily needs - such as checking messages, filing a claim, managing their virtual recruiters, and more.

Individuals accessing the system as a guest will also be presented with a generalized list of suggestions aimed at helping them get started within the system. This will enable new users to quickly familiarize themselves with the features and functionalities of the dashboard to ensure a smoother onboarding process.

Guest and registered Users will be able to effortlessly navigate My Dashboard Assistant’s suggestions by simply clicking the left and right arrow symbols, allowing them to effortlessly explore and select the features that align with their needs and preferences. The new feature also offers individuals the ability to expand their dashboard and view all the standard sections, including widgets, pinned links, and recent job posts by selecting the "View Full Dashboard" link below the section.

The introduction of My Dashboard Assistant reflects Geographic Solutions’ commitment to continuously improving and streamlining the user experience. With this integration users will be able to access a wider range of features and sections that are relevant to their tasks and objectives - making it easier for individuals to navigate and utilize the full capabilities of VOS Sapphire.

If you have any questions regarding the My Dashboard Assistant or need configuration assistance, please reach out to your assigned Project Manager.

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