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Geographic Solutions Set To Shine With Next-Generation Employment Solution, Virtual OneStop® Sapphire

PALM HARBOR, FL (December 7, 2020) – Geographic Solutions is thrilled to unveil Virtual OneStop Sapphire (VOS Sapphire), the next generation of its industry-leading online employment solution. The platform, which launches today, leans on its longstanding ability to encourage all aspects of career pathways and employment — capitalizing on partnerships between workforce boards, agencies for human services, educational institutions, unemployment agencies, economic development entities, and departments of corrections.

Expected to play a pivotal role in modernizing workforce systems nationwide, VOS Sapphire features design and branding enhancements, such as a simplified job search and navigation, fresh dashboard designs by user type, and a brand-new modal panel for setting accessibility features. VOS Sapphire also includes redesigned appointment setting functionality, agency-specific branding options, and custom notification banners for important events.

For job seekers, VOS Sapphire uses an advanced algorithm for job search logic and an intelligent keyword search. The addition of “How I Match” functionality provides job seekers exclusive tools for seeing how their specific skills gel with today’s in-demand roles. Job seekers are also able to view current information about their desired occupation.

For employers, VOS Sapphire features new candidate and résumé matching features as well as access to external résumés. Upon job order creation or modification, business owners and managers see displayed lists of matched candidates. Talent seekers are able to set expected pay levels with a new job order salary slider. On the homepage, employers have the option to have their company featured on a “Top Employers” list.

For agency staff members, VOS Sapphire is designed with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in mind. System users should expect new WIOA enrollment and application templates and several electronic signature options. Staff members are able to more keenly design questions within the Agency Defined Programs templates. VOS Sapphire includes a revamped Ad Hoc Query Builder and an enhanced reports display.

In direct response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, VOS Sapphire offers creative online solutions that allow users to connect virtually and conduct business at a distance. This includes no-touch options that support American Job Centers in their efforts to maintain high service delivery outcomes while protecting the population as job seekers transition back to work. New, contactless solutions include electronic document signing and remote signature options, live chat functionality for real-time client support, remote recruiting with Virtual Job Fairs, and online skills development platforms.

For more information on VOS Sapphire functionality, please contact Deane Toler, Director of Sales and Marketing, at 727-786-7955 or

Geographic Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of software solutions for workforce development, unemployment insurance, labor market information, human services, corrections, education, employment, and training. The company has developed state-of-the-art systems for agencies in more than 35 states. Geographic Solutions’ software is available to over 75% of the job seekers in the country.

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