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On September 10, 2004, officials of the Department of Employment Services (DOES) and Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive announced a partnership that will link their employment and career building online services, and This collaboration will provide District of Columbia job seekers with access to one of the largest depositories of regional jobs, while local employers have broader exposure of job openings an access to a local pool of qualified job applicants.

"Last year, over 75,000 customers accessed services through the department's One-Stop Career Center network. This collaboration will provide job seekers that visit our centers with immediate access to thousands of regional employer who post job openings on," stated Gregg Irish, director of the Department of Employment Services.

Connection to the washingtonpost/jobs web-based electronic labor exchange will now link to the department's DCNetworks Virtual One-Stop Career system. Employers and jobseekers will be connected to an expansive number of local workers and regional jobs at no cost. Job seekers can post their resume, search for job openings, and find their dream job. Employers, including large or national firms who need to find workers regionally, can post job listings in one of the largest online labor exchange networks in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

"The DC Department of Employment Services provides a critical link to the job market for thousands of area residents. We're proud to be a part of their lives in such a meaningful way," said Caroline Little, CEO and Publisher of

The DCNetworks Virtual One-Stop (VOS) case management system provides an electronic platform for linking the various components of the District's workforce development system and facilitates employer and job seeker access to employment, unemployment compensation, training, and educational information. The web-based system can be accessed at any of the District's seven One-Stop Career Centers, Mobile One-Stop Career Center or through the Internet. DC Networks has also incorporated a Spanish-language version in the system's self-service component.

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