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Job Service North Dakota has upgraded the functionality of its Workforce Connection website to a fully integrated case management and labor exchange website.

North Dakota Workforce Connection is now a state-of-the-art website that provides universal access to online services for job seekers, recruiting tools for employers, and case management tools for state staff.

The system, which debuted January 7, 2008, was built using Version 9.1 of Geographic Solutions' Virtual OneStop software solution. Representatives from Geographic Solutions were on hand to provide guidance and assistance to state workforce staff as they began using the system with their customers.

The North Dakota Workforce Connection provides users with a wide array of employment-related services. Job seekers are able to post their resumes online and search for all available jobs in the state using a search engine that "spiders" jobs from company and government websites, newspaper postings, and corporate job boards. They also have access to resume development, skills matching, and career assessment tools.

Employers are able to post job openings, at no cost, and search for candidates. Candidates can be ranked based on job requirements and notes added to their files for future reference. Employers can save candidates in a Favorite Candidates folder and also sort them job type.

Interview questions can be added by employers to their job postings to help screen applicants. These tools have proven to be extremely efficient for smaller employers who typically don’t have recruitment management database tools.

Both job seekers and employers have access to a wide selection of detailed labor market information topics, such as local wages and occupational projections.

With growing industry concern over the security of data in online resume banks, several important features have been added to Virtual OneStop to keep email addresses private and control the integrity of employers and jobs being entered in the system.

Job Service North Dakota also includes a full case management system to assist state staff in effectively managing workforce programs and submitting performance and management reports to the federal government. Specific Virtual OneStop component modules are included in the North Dakota system for Labor Exchange, Individual Fund Tracking, Workforce Programs (Wagner Peyser, WIA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, TAA), Welfare Transition and Case Management, as well as comprehensive reporting.

North Dakota joins a network of states that have implemented Geographic Solutions' Virtual OneStop software to provide employment services to their communities. Job Service North Dakota has its roots in the Social Security Act of 1935 when Congress established unemployment insurance as part of an employment security system. Since then, Job Service has broadened its mission to the point where it is involved in all areas of workforce development. Job Service North Dakota has 17 offices in the state's largest cities, as well as a representative in many university placement offices.

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