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The Madera County Workforce Assistance Center selected Geographic Solutions, Inc. to provide an internet labor exchange and WIA case management software solution that will revolutionize the manner in which jobseekers can learn about available jobs, and how local employers can hire employees. This state-of-the-art system was designed to attract a broad range of jobseekers and assist employers by providing a pool of talent that possesses the skills they require. The system will utilize modules from the industry-leading Virtual OneStop suite of solutions and is scheduled for implementation in September, 2007.

The system includes a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) case management system that interfaces with the California Joint Training Automation System (JTA) which will increase staff productivity and eliminate duplicated effort.

Jobseekers and employers in the region will now have access to a wide array of employment related services. Jobseekers are able to post their resumes online and search for all available jobs in the area. Employers have the ability to post their job openings, at no cost, and search for candidates to fill their employment needs.

The Madera County Workforce Assistance Center will be the first region in California to utilize the WorkKeys module of the Virtual OneStop System. This module provides staff with the ability to input individual WorkKeys scores to explore suitable occupations and look for related employment.

The Madera County Workforce Assistance Center joins a long list of local and state agencies that have implemented Geographic Solutions, Inc.'s Virtual OneStop software program to provide employment services to their communities. In California, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, the City of Long Beach, and the City of Santa Ana also use the system. Also in California, the San Benito County One-Stop Career Center will be implementing the Virtual OneStop system in September, 2007.

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