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Texas Workforce Commissioner Julian Alvarez Discusses The New WorkInTexas.Com's Streamlined Hiring Process

With business booming and unemployment at an all-time low, is helping keep Texas' unemployment rate below the national level.

Appearing on KVUE, an ABC affiliate, commissioner Julian Alvarez with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) discussed how the unemployment rate has remained steady at 3.4 percent for four consecutive months. Even in a tight labor market, this rate is lower than the rest of the country, with cities such as Austin and Houston leading the way.

In the months leading up to the new site's launch, representatives from TWC traveled around the state and gathered input from employers. Their feedback helped mold the new streamlined hiring process that's central to the site's success.

According to Alvarez, currently features over 108,000 job openings, with many of those positions in healthcare, IT, and cybersecurity.

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