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 A new web site is helping Hurricane Katrina evacuees locate new jobs in the Bay area and across the state. is a site dedicated to matching thousands of employers with anyone looking for a job in their field.

"Once you log on, it gives you all the steps you need to take to find exactly what you're looking for," Jami Melendez of Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance said.

Launched in March, site developers saw an opportunity to help more than just Floridians when Hurricane Katrina hit.

The site is now a tool for hurricane evacuees looking for openings across the state, back home or in Hillsborough County.

"We believe that there is a strong enough economy here, positions in those areas to accommodate the evacuees who want to stay," Melendez said.

The site is averaging more than 6,600 hits a day from evacuees.

If they aren't accessing the web site from home, displaced people are walking into regional career centers like the Workforce Alliance to find a job or build a resume.

"The majority of them are coming from Louisiana and are coming for employment compensation benefits," Melendez said.

According to Workforce Alliance staff members, what makes the county so attractive to Katrina victims looking for a job is the low unemployment rate.

Article originally published by Bay News 9.

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