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Geographic Solutions is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of its Virtual OneStop system. The dynamic data-driven web site uses an interface based on the metaphor of a workforce development office. Customers can walk through this virtual office space and enter a variety of rooms. Here they can interact with online staff who can direct them to a variety of one-stop services. 

Virtual OneStop Version 3.0 incorporates many enhancements including the delivery for the first time, via the Internet, of all the core services, and many of the intensive services, defined under the 1998 Workforce Investment Act. 

New Features in Version 3 Include: 

  • Integrated Case Management 
  • Personalized File Folders 
  • Consumer Reports Data 
  • Intelligent Common Intake 
  • Integrated Employment Plan 
  • Eligibility Determination 
  • Customer Service Assistant with Voice and Animation 
  • WIA Compatible Administration and Performance Management 

New interfaces include: 

  • A Lite Graphics Version 
  • A Text Only version 
  • A Spanish Version 
  • A Version for the Visually Impaired

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