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The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Employment Services Division, has selected Geographic Solutions to provide a web-based Labor Exchange and Case Management Virtual OneStop software solution that will meet the needs for job seekers, state employers, and Wyoming case managers, administration, and staff members.

The state-of-the-art Wyoming system will become one of twelve statewide systems using Virtual OneStop components for WIA, Wagner-Peyser and Federal reporting. Wyoming chose the Virtual OneStop system to meet the needs for an MIS system that will be flexible enough to adapt to data requirements at all government levels, yet provide all secure, required IT controls, and provide staff with improved, easy access to queries such as customer registration/service queries, customized reports, as well as federal reports and standardized management reports.

The Wyoming Virtual OneStop system includes a full case management system to assist Wyoming Department of Workforce Services staff in effectively managing their federal workforce programs and submitting performance and management reports to the federal government. Specific Virtual OneStop component modules will be used in the Wyoming system for Labor Exchange, Fiscal Individual Fund Tracking, Workforce Programs (WIA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, TAA), and Case Management, as well as comprehensive reporting.

The existing Virtual OneStop User Group provides Wyoming with access to a network of workforce professionals to share ideas and best practices, further enhancing the value of services offered through Virtual OneStop to employers and job seekers in the state.

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